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How The Story Began  As I walked into the Centenary Field of Holy Trinity Basilica, Onitsha Nigeria, I saw an audience beyond my expectation. It was March 27, 2009, the last day of the annual five-day youth retreat. The organizers of the event had said there could be about 15,000 participants, the greatest number ever in decades. We started off the retreat with only about 1,000 participants, but the numbers quickly grew—from 2,000 on day two to 15,000 by day five. The mammoth audience was overwhelming. It was an incredible harvest for the Lord. I tried to hold my breath. The expectations were obviously high, very high. Gazing into the eyes of the curious audience, I could discern a motley group of people. Some appeared hopeless. The news of the recession of 2009 had just been officially confirmed and many of the participants had not come to terms with the fact that things were going to be worse for everybody. Some seemed not to know why they were present at the retreat — maybe motivated by sheer curiosity. Others were anxious to hear a word and seemed in dire need of a message of hope. Many, however, carried looks of frustration, indecision, and reticence. As I thought of these things, I saw that I was already the center of attention, having mounted the rostrum. Then came the thought:                “If Anybody Can You Can”